EuPRAXIA brings together a consortium of 16 laboratories and universities from 5 EU member states. As of December 2018, 25 associated partners from 12 countries have joined with in-kind commitments (linking 3 additional EU member states).

The EuPRAXIA study involves scientists working on accelerators, high-power lasers, free-electron lasers and high-energy physics. Moreover, research and development on electron plasma acceleration is carried out in multiple institutions scattered around Europe, Asia and the United States.

The European and international perspective

The scientists represent expertise from accelerator science and high-energy physics, design and construction of leading accelerators like the LHC, advanced acceleration test facilities like SPARC and frontier laser projects like CLF, CILEX-APOLLON and ELI. A project with 15 work packages has been defined, 8 of them funded by the EU.