Postdoctoral position (f/m) in Beam Dynamics and Simulations - URGENT

CEA is strongly involved in EuPRAXIA, especially in physics and simulation, as well as electron beam design and optimization. In order to optimize the various parameters of laser pulse and plasma and to characterize the electron beam properties, numerical simulations are performed by means of dedicated codes in laser plasma acceleration modeling, coupled to particle beam dynamics codes. The electrons must be transported from the source (external RF injector or plasma injector) to the plasma cell in which the electron beam will be accelerated. Manipulation of the beam is particularly challenging because it must be only a few femtoseconds long and a few micrometers large at the entrance of the plasma accelerating structure, while the expected energy spread and divergence at the exit must fit rather constraining user needs.

The post-doctoral position in Beam Dynamics opened at CEA is related to the beam studies in the frame of the European EuPRAXIA project and will focus on the optimization of the electron bunch at the entrance of the plasma structure, and at the transport line towards the users.

The selected candidate will be appointed for 24 months. The position is based at CEA-Saclay, France.

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