PhD Position - Optimisation of a laser driven plasma accelerator
PhD fellowship on Accelerator Physics

Research Field: 
Plasma physics and laser-matter interactions / Corpuscular physics and outer space

Optimisation of the plasma and laser pulse in plasma cells for the acceleration of high energy electron beam with low energy spread. Crucial topic for the physics of accelerators that could lead to a major breaktrough in the size and cost of the high energy accelerators. This thesis fits in the frame of the "Design Study" project of the EU framework program for research and innovation “Horizon 2020”. This project which brings 16 laboratories and universities of 5 member states aims at producing a conceptual design report as final deliverable for an european plasma accelerator facility capable of delivering beams of high quality with an energy of 5 GeV at least towards pilot users from high energy physics and photon science.

Institut de recherche sur les lois fondamentales de l'univers
Service des Accélérateurs, de Cryogénie et de Magnétisme
Laboratoire d'Etudes et de Développements pour les Accélérateurs
Place: Saclay

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91191 Gif sur Yvette cedex
Phone: +33 1 69 08 28 06

University / Graduate School:
Paris Sud
Ondes et Matière

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This Course has a three years duration and it's organized in collaboration between Sapienza Università di Roma (through the Physics and Enginnering Departments) and INFN (that finances 6 grants).

The admission exam, entirely in english, will have an oral and a written test.

In the written test candidates will be required to discuss basic Physics arguments, which are normally part of a university course, or their Thesis project.

The oral exam will instead consist in a Discussion based on the written test and on basic Accelerator Physics subjects, which are normally part of a university course or a Thesis project.

More information and how to apply can be found here

Prof. Riccardo Faccini
Sapienza Università di Roma - Dipartimento di Fisica
Tel. 06 4991 4798

Laura Santonastaso
Tel. 06 4991 4356


18 INFN Post-Doc fellowships in experimental physics are available for non-Italian citizens.
Annual gross salary 36 000 Euro + travel tickets at the beginning and at the end of the contract.

Deadline for applications November 15th 2017.

On line application form at

For those interested to work at SPARC_LAB please indicate your field of
interest as: TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH  (within the SPARC_LAB group of the
INFN Laboratories of Frascati (LNF)).

18 INFN Post-Doc fellowships in experimental physics