CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Experimental rooms with multiple interaction chambers dedicated to laser-gas and laser-solid interactions are combined with a full range of detection techniques, including spectroscopy and imaging  from the IR to the gamma-ray.  The laboratory is a key node of the Italian “ELI-Italy” Network established by the Italian Ministry in view of the Implementation phase of the Extreme Light Infrastructure.

The Laboratory has well-established links with many leading international High-Power Laser Laboratories and Facilities, as well as Academic Groups and has a close collaboration with the INFN Frascati National Laboratory where the Flame laser system operates since 2009.  The Intense Laser Irradiation Laboratory has a long-term experience in the training of young scientists through several schemes  including European Union RT Networks.


Contact: Leo A. Gizzi

Laser development - Luca Labate

Experimental coordination - Petra Köster

Main Topics:  

  • Rep-rated laser-plasma electron source for medical applications;
  • Ultraintense laser-plasma interactions, including advanced ICF ignition
  • Laser-driven X-ray and g-ray fluorescence and scattering sources;
  • Laser driven proton beam-line development.

The Intense Laser Irradiation Laboratory  (ILIL) at INO-CNR operates in the field of high-intensity laser interactions with matter and applications to life, material and fundamental sciences. Since 2004 the Laboratory hosts a ultrashort pulse, high power laser installation now featuring a 10 TW on target and currently undergoing a major upgrade (ILIL-PW).  

ILIL Ultraintense Laser