EuPRAXIA Yearly Meeting 2018 and 4th Collaboration Week 
19th - 23rd November 2019, INFN-LNF, Frascati (RM), Italy 

Photos 1st Steering Committee Meeting 2016

EuroNNAc and EuPRAXIA Workshop on a European Plasma Accelerator
29th June - 1st July 2016, INO-CNR/INFN, Pisa, Italy

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EuPRAXIA Final Meeting 2019
16th October - 18th October 2019, DESY, Hamburg,Germany

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1st Steering Committee Meeting
19th February 2016, LLR, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France

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EuPRAXIA Yearly Meeting 2016
27th - 28th October 2016, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France

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EUPRAXIA Kick-off meeting
1st November 2015, DESY, Hamburg, Germany

EuPRAXIA 1st Collaboration Week 
19th - 23rd June 2017, DESY, Hamburg, Germany

EuPRAXIA Yearly Meeting 2017 and 2nd Collaboration Week
20th - 24th November 2017, Instituto Superior Técnico IST, Lisbon, Portugal

EuPRAXIA - Retreat in the Alps
25th February - 1st March 2019, Grainau, Germany

EuPRAXIA 3rd Collaboration Week and Symposium
4th - 6th July 2018, University of Liverpool, UK

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