ENEA - Agenzia nazionale per le nuove tecnologie, l’energia e lo sviluppo economico sostenible

ENEA is the Italian Agency for energy and environmental resources. At the ENEA FRASCATI center various researches are conducted within the framework of fusion programs, Laser Physics, Accelerator Physics and Free Electron Lasers. Regarding this last topics ENEA FRASCATI has been involved in this field since the very beginning of the FEL physics and important results have been obtained and three members of the ENEA team have been awarded in the past with the FEL yearly prize (Alberto Renieri, Giuseppe Dattoli and Luca Giannessi). Different accelerating and Free Electron Laser devices are presented in the center and in particular a THZ source, used for various types of applications and the FEL test facility SPARC operated with the national institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN).

Contact: Giuseppe Dattoli