EuPRAXIA presented at IBIC17

The industrial exhibition, held in conjunction with the conference, featured a dedicated stand of the University of Liverpool/Cockcroft Institute. The booth showcased the EuPRAXIA project along with many projects led or participated by the University of Liverpool: AVA, OMA, LIVDAT, EuroCirCol, ARIES and the spin-off company D-Beam.  

Prof Carsten Welsch leader of outreach and communication within the project, and Alexandra Welsch, member of the EuPRAXIA Management Support Team, promoted EuPRAXIA by distributing leaflets and providing information to interested conference participants. This included the presentation of the recently published EuPRAXIA brochure, containing key challenges in the design and optimization of a future plasma accelerator with industry beam quality, as well as the announcement of the EuPRAXIA Symposium in Liverpool, 6th July 2018.

2017 - 09 - 22

The annual International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC) took place in Grand Rapids, USA between 20-24 August 2017. IBIC is a fruitful gathering of the world's beam instrumentation community and encourages international collaboration in the field of beam instrumentation for accelerators. The conference is dedicated to exploring the physics and engineering challenges of beam diagnostic and measurement techniques for particle accelerators worldwide.