Imperial College London

The John Adams Institute at Imperial College, has been one of the leading groups working on laser driven plasma acceleration for more than 20 years. The team has been responsible for the development of self-injecting accelerators, and for the demonstration that wakefield accelerators can support narrow energy spread beams. The group has also made significant contributions in the scaling of plasma accelerators to the high-energy frontier and for advanced diagnosis of laser-wakefield interactions and also in advancing plasma targetry. A particular recent emphasis has been on the use of laser-plasma accelerators as a source of high quality radiation for advanced applications such as in medical imaging.

As part of EUPRAXIA, the Imperial College team will extend their work on scaling laser wakefield accelerators to the high-energy frontier through theoretical/simulation work that will be tied to the extensive experimental program that will run concurrently at Imperial College. This work will inform the EUPRAXIA project on the requirements in terms of laser and plasma targetry for future European laser wakefield facilities.

Contact: Zulfikar Najmudin