Plasma acceleration is a highly dynamic and productive field. In order to help researchers to keep up to date with the science and technology of the EuPRAXIA project, ‘The EuPRAXIA Files’ provides a regular summary of recent publications that are relevant for the study.
The sixth issue of 'The EuPRAXIA Files', with articles and abstracts from the most recent papers on plasma acceleration, has just been published.  

The success of EuPRAXIA will depend critically on delivering a clear message supported by our research. With this in mind, the present issue of The EuPRAXIA Files contains fifteen published papers co‐authored by members of the EuPRAXIA
Consortium, including a Nature Communications and two Physical Review Letters.
These outstanding results bode well for the successful delivery of a convincing Conceptual Design Report.

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Sixth Issue of 'The EuPRAXIA Files' now published

2019 - 01 - 28