My career:
I hope that in 5-10 years I will still be working in this domain, should it be with a public or private institution. I love my job and, why not, it would be nice to be part of the future EuPRAXIA implementation phase as one of the “ancient” members, who will have made it see the light in the European scientific panorama. From this point of view EuPRAXIA is a great project allowing young members to meet important scientists, visit laser facilities and connect with industries in Europe and beyond.

More information:
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Spotlight On Zeudi MAZZOTTA, CNRS, LULI

About me: 

Born in San Pietro Vernotico (BR), Italy, the 8th of June 1987, I graduated in Mathematics in April 2013, and obtained the PhD in Physics at the University of Milano in January 2017.  I love singing, playing volleyball and discovering, my preferred activities since I was a child. Love for science was innate in me, I remember myself asking Santa Claus a telescope for Christmas instead of a doll when I was six. I knew about EuPRAXIA from Leonida Gizzi, the responsible of the EuPRAXIA Laser Work Package.

My work:
I am, with Francois Mathieu, in the Laser Work Package, carrying on the EuPRAXIA laser design study.

I take care of the issues concerning the compression of high average high peak power lasers and the beam transport towards the interaction chamber. I am currently working on a strategy to measure the laser pointing stability and the focal spot quality in the interaction plane. The challenge is to design and build a reliable and moveable module to monitor the system pointing stability and work on a passive and/or active stabilisation strategy.

2018 - 03- 01