The consortium of the European Plasma Research Accelerator with eXcellence In Applications (EuPRAXIA) involves scientists of both Ukrainian and Russian nationalities. It includes 50 institutes from 15 countries, among them Russia. EuPRAXIA fully supports the declarations and actions that have been issued by the EU commission, by the EPS, by European governments and by scientific organizations, for example INFN in Italy, the Alliance of German Science Organizations, CNRS in France and STFC in UK. We condemn the aggressive act of the Russian government and declare our strong solidarity with the people and the country of Ukraine.

We temporarily suspend the membership of the two Russian institutes in our consortium until a peaceful solution has been established between an independent, sovereign Ukraine and Russia. Our decisions and measures will be further coordinated with the EU and national governments. We hereby cease scientific and research cooperation with institutes in Russia and Belarus. At the same time we voice our strong regret about the direct impact that this decision has on scientific cooperation, worsening the situation for the numerous scientists in Russia who are against the belligerent behaviour of their government.

EuPRAXIA calls on its members to support the Ukrainian people, refugees or scientists in need by offering them shelter, by donations or by other means. We declare our solidarity with the scientists in Russia who are appalled by the violation of international law and the invasion of Ukraine.

EuPRAXIA Coordinator
EuPRAXIA Chair of Collaboration Board

on behalf of the EuPRAXIA collaboration​

2022 - 03 - 11

Statement of the EuPRAXIA Collaboration from 11 March 2022