The EuPRAXIA technology is closely linked to EU industry, and in particular to the high-power laser industry, where two European companies currently set the standards for petawatt-class lasers. The high demands of the EuPRAXIA project inspire and foster technological progress in this field, keeping the European laser industry at the leading edge of the sector.

Woman being prepared for radiation therapy. Credit: Michael Anderson (Photographer)

The high-power lasers, compact magnets and undulators of EuPRAXIA will be built with parts produced by the European industry. General achievements, problems and solutions of EuPRAXIA are communicated to the industry and the rest of the scientific community in conferences and workshops.

Moreover, the students and post-docs trained in EuPRAXIA will carry their knowledge to their future employers.

Market opportunities

European companies are building the lasers for the most advanced plasma acceleration experiments as well as designing, building and selling accelerators for many applications. The European industry will therefore directly profit from the success of bringing plasma accelerators to the users, creating new market opportunities.

The Role of Industry

Knowledge transfer