University of York joins the EuPRAXIA consortium as associate partner

The latest collaboration board meeting of EuPRAXIA, held on 20 November 2019 approved unanimously the admission of the University of York into the consortium as an associate partner.

The York Plasma Institute at the University of York hosts some of the key research groups in plasma science in the UK.

An experimental and simulation group led by Dr Christopher Murphy develops laser wakefield acceleration (LWFA) of electrons for specific purposes. The group’s interests span applications in strong-field QED as well as imaging and radiography.

On the other hand, a simulation and theory group headed Dr Christopher Ridgers has a world-leading expertise in strong-field QED. Their work is informed by experiments with a strong link to LWFA through international collaborations.

Both groups have a good record of accessing high power laser facilities and conducting experiments on the generation and application of wakefield acceleration. Their expertise in theory, simulation and experiment will feed well into work packages WP2, WP3, WP7, WP8 and WP13 where they will help advance and inform the development of novel accelerators and their applications.

With the University of York the EuPRAXIA family comprises a total of 16 beneficiaries and 25 associated partners.

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