Università di Roma "La Sapienza"

The Università di Roma "La Sapienza" is the biggest university in Europe. It consists of 23 Faculties, and about 5000 employees. The Department of Basic and Applied Sciences for Engineering and Physics (SBAI) joins researchers in the field of general, atomic and nuclear physics, in recent years focusing on FEL photoinjectors for the new generation of coherent radiation sources and laser-based secondary sources.

The Accelerator team of the SBAI department is heavily involved in theoretical studies, in modelling and numerical simulations, in studying the electron beam dynamics inside the plasma as well as in the development and operation of plasma diagnostics.

The expertise of the URLS unit in beam physics is supported by international long-standing collaborations with groups having strong expertise in the accelerator physics within EU as well as in the US.

URLS is heavily contributing to all SPARC_LAB experiments ranging from “conventional” applications of high brightness beam (FEL or Compton sources) to plasma-based acceleration of high quality beams.

Contact: Andrea Mostacci