WP1: Project Management and Technical Coordination

WP Leader:  Ralph Assmann (DESY)
WP Co-Leader: Arnd Specka (CNRS)

This work package will ensure efficient management of the EuPRAXIA project to guarantee timely achievement of all project results and good communication across the consortium. To this end a dedicated project kick-off and subsequent annual meetings will be organized. This will closely link all EuPRAXIA partners right from the project start. The coordinator will continuously monitor project progress across all work packages.

The definition of common parameters and the overall layout of the EuPRAXIA facility will also form part of this work package and will include costing. Comparative site studies will be carried out for several European candidate sites.

The coordinator will implement common standards and definitions, and will establish quality assurance and reporting requirements.

Partners will also develop basic estimates for the radiation impact of the proposed facility and provide estimates for the required radiological measures as far as they have an impact on cost and the site selection.