WP15: Diagnostics

WP Leader: Alessandro Cianchi (UTOV)
WP Co-Leader: Nicolas Delerue (CNRS)

This WP will cover all the aspects of electron beam diagnostics, no matter about the acceleration source, RF or plasma, or the particular plasma acceleration scheme.

There are several challenges in a plasma accelerated beams, related to the needs to have single shot diagnostics, spatial resolution to few um and temporal resolution of few ps.
For some techniques it is possible to foresee a modification of existing diagnostics, while for others, like for instance single-shot emittance measurements, new ideas are needed to be tested.

This WP includes also the diagnostics of the electron beam accelerated with RF sources, to be injected into a plasma. While the shot to shot stability is much better in this case, also for this kind of beams the desiderate resolution both in space and in time are at the limit of the state of the art.