WP3: High Gradient Laser Plasma Accelerating Structure

WP Leader: Brigitte Cros (CNRS)
WP Co-Leader: Zulfikar Najmudin (ICL)

Within EuPRAXIA laser plasma accelerating structures shall be used for two different purposes:

  1. As versatile injector platform that can produce high quality electron bunches of short duration;
  2. As high gradient accelerating structure with controllable plasma parameters, compatible with laser propagation over the acceleration length, and scalable to high electron energy requirements.

This work package aims at identifying a reliable and stable solution to build an injector and an accelerator stage corresponding to the requirements identified by start-to-end simulations in WP2 and in relation to the targeted range of applications. It will design the plasma structures required for both tasks and define optimum regimes of operation.

The work package will also study the diagnostics required to monitor the shot-to-shot operation of plasma structures for both scenarios and propose a design for the implementation of this instrumentation of an electron injector and a laser plasma stage. Finally, the partners will also investigate into the requirements for building a scalable accelerator by staging successive laser plasma structures.