WP4: Laser Design and Optimization

WP Leader:  Leonida Antonio Gizzi (CNR)
WP Co-Leader:  Francois Mathieu (CNRS)

Key to the successful operation of EuPRAXIA will be a highly optimized laser system as driver for the plasma injector and accelerator. This work package will identify the required technologies for short pulse lasers with the necessary pulse duration, energy per pulse and repetition rate for the injector and accelerator stages. Studies will be carried out into pulse stretching, compression and transport, as well as diagnostics along the entire beam line.

The partners will also collaborate on the identification of the subsystems for an efficient control, optimization and stabilization of the laser performances. This part of the work will start with an overview of existing systems that are used in the main large scale accelerator facilities across the world, including also non-laser facilities such as free electron lasers and synchrotron light sources.