WP5: Electron Beam Design and Optimization

WP Leader: Cristina Vaccarezza (INFN)
WP Co-Leader:  Antoine Chance (CEA)

For optimum performance of a plasma accelerator a high quality electron beam is required. To this end high brightness bunches have to be generated directly at the cathode and transported without loss and minimum quality degradation down to the plasma entrance. This high brightness beam then needs to be fed into the plasma. This requires the mitigation of sources of emittance degradation. Emittance compensation schemes will be developed to assure an optimized matching between the booster accelerating cavities after the RF gun.

This work package focuses on the optimization of the witness bunch properties at the entrance of the plasma accelerating structure. This will be crucial for the overall EuPRAXIA performance, in particular when it comes to matching the final accelerated beam to the various user needs. Work includes the efficient creation and characterization of an electron beam provided by an external RF injector in case a plasma injector would not be used.

The partners will also study the driver bunch properties and take alternative electron beam driven plasma structures into account.