WP Leader: Marie-Emmanuelle Couprie (SOLEIL)
WP Co-Leader: Giuseppe Dattoli (ENEA)

This work package will explore light generation via the free electron laser principle as a pilot application of plasma-driven accelerators. This will be done in close link with WP11. The achievable performance using different baseline electron parameter sets, including various beam manipulation strategies to handle realistic energy spreads and beam divergences will be critically assessed. Two main approaches for electron beam manipulation will be considered: the so-called ‘transverse gradient undulator’ and a decompression chicane enabling to sort the electrons by their energy. The latter promises a reduction in energy spread from 1 % to a slice one of only 0.1% which would help improve the quality of the emitted radiation.

Different operating schemes involving for example RF-type or laser-type undulators will be considered for the design of a next generation compact X-ray source. One of the main tasks within this work package targets the development of innovative undulator magnets to enhance radiation generation. The anticipated characteristics including spectral range, tuneability, repetition rate, stability, and coherence will be studied and optimum techniques identified. Facility models aiming at 24/7 operation shall be developed.   Thereby, this work package shall pave the way towards compact light sources that can provide access to fs time resolution experiments.

WP6: FEL Pilot Application