WP Leader: Carsten P. Welsch  (ULIV)
WP Co-Leader: Bernhard Hidding (USTRATH)

This work package will provide the necessary structure to ensure that all R&D results are presented efficiently and widely at conferences and are published in appropriate high impact journals. The EuPRAXIA web site will continuously make all information about the design study including news and events available and act as a resource housing all publications from the partners. 

Professionally produced leaflets and information brochures are being prepared by the work package lead and will soon be distributed via the participants and at conferences to promote the study’s activities and network events.

All EuPRAXIA partners are committed to delivering specific outreach activities as part of their R&D and will contribute to a large project-wide outreach event that will be hosted in Liverpool in the final phase of the design study.The work package benefits from experiences gained through the DITANET, LA³NET, oPAC and OMA projects. The participants strive to establish additional national and international training schemes and will organize training events, including schools and topical workshops, during the life time of the design study.

WP8: Outreach and Liaison