WP10: Use of Other Novel Technologies 

WP Leader: Ulrich Dorda (DESY)
WP Co-Leader: Guoxing Xia (UMAN)

This work package will study the potential of other ‘novel’ acceleration and beam generation techniques and their applicability to the project. The focus is set on fiber lasers and novel injector concepts based on dielectric structures.

This work package is broken down into the following main three tasks:

  1. Study other novel injector concepts and an evaluation of the compatibility with EuPRAXIA requirements in terms of beam parameters and matureness of technology.
  2. Investigations into the worldwide efforts on dielectric laser acceleration and the evaluation of dielectric structures as an alternative acceleration method.
  3. Performance assessment of fiber laser technology and assessment of the compatibility with EuPRAXIA in terms of achievable performance, development time scale and matureness of technology.

Laser performance requirements will be closely linked to results from WP4  and WP2.