WP11: FEL Application Prototyping

WP Leader: Victor Malka  (CNRS) and Agustin Lifschitz (CNRS)
WP Co-Leader: Andreas Maier (UHH)

The achievement of ultra high gradient of hundred of GV/m in plasma medium has allowed to produce high quality and reliable electron beam with parameters that appear very promising for their use in compact free electron laser development. The goal of this WP is to explore new ideas that will permit the improvement of the beam quality and reliability for this particular application.

The WP will address technical issues in real experiments for electron beams of highest quality in terms of low energy spread, high charge and small beam divergence. The theoretical part will be addressed using state-of-the-art simulation codes and comparative studies between experiments and theory will help designing a unique compact FEL facility.

The work will be realized in close collaboration with WP6 and WP3.