WP7: High Energy Physics and other Pilot Applications

WP Leader : Arnd Specka (CNRS)
WP Co-Leader: Roman Walczak (UOXF)

Laser-driven plasma wakefield accelerators show immense promise for a wide range of applications. This work package will identify the most promising pilot applications for this new type of accelerator.

In a first step, we will survey the needs and requirements of test beam users that are not covered at existing facilities providing beams of electrons in the 1–5 GeV range, in particular in terms of instantaneous particle flux.  In simulation and experiments the collaborating institutions will then define the required electron beam parameters for selected initial applications. Figures of merit include the ideal momentum range, momentum spread, beam purity, time structure of the beam pulses, as well as other key parameters such as beam divergence and emittance. This work will be done in close collaboration with WP2 and WP3.It is likely that not all applications envisaged here will be suitable for an implementation at a future plasma wakefield accelerator test facility. Therefore, the choice will favor applications that make best use of the unique features of wakefield-accelerated electron beams. On the basis of an initial priority list, a conceptual design for a user beam line incorporating momentum selection and flux reduction, bunch stretching, as well as transverse bunch dilution and degradation in coordination with WP5 will be developed.