WP14: Hybrid Laser-Electron-Beam Driven Acceleration

WP Leader: Bernhard Hidding (USTRATH)
WP Co-Leader: Alberto de la Ossa (DESY)

Hhybrid laser and electron-beam driven plasma wakefield stages with multi-component plasmas will be studied within this work package. 

The work will be done in interaction mainly with WP2, 3, 45 and WP9. It is organized in 5 tasks:

  1. Selective ionization of plasma components.
  2. Trojan Horse underdense photocathode witness bunch generation.
  3. Wakefield-induced ionization injection.
  4. Exploiting LWFA-generated electron bunches as drivers for PWFA.
  5. Integration of results of task 14.1.-14.4. into the EuPRAXIA Design Report.